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Spring Rain from Shua Group.

Spring Rain

Spring Rain is a 15-30 minute solo performance work which creates an installation. During the performance a dancer is slowly buried in a steady rain of plastic bottles, which where collected on the streets of Jersey City, NJ. The performance’s focus is the her struggle to stay above the rising tide of plastic, and the transformation of the visual space into a multicolored pool of glittering bottles. The sound of the action is amplified by an internal microphone connected to an outside speaker.

The performance leaves behind an installation of light and plastic, which can remain or be removed. In the event the installation remains, the video of the action is projected beside the plastic pool.

Presentation Requirements Four sided space with front side glass or plexi and rear/top space for pouring bottles. Ideal space is commercial bay window, such as the one in the pictures. Larger versions in office building foyers are also possible. Build in is specific to each venue.