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Soft Wall

Soft Wall was conceived as an experiment with the will of crowd to see the spectacle. The artists divide an exhibit space by building a finished sheetrock wall. This creates two spaces: the visible performance and exhibit space and an invisible altered world. Following a movement performance in the "visible" space, a performer makes a single hole in the wall. Lights go out in the "visible space", and viewers see only light coming from the hole in the wall. The crowd's perception of space is suddenly changed, and they begin to organize a response. This response changes the space, inverts the roll of viewer and spectator and leaves behind a visual installation. The artists adapt Soft Wall for its cultural context; what secret landscape exists behind the wall reflects an interpretation of social and historical context of the site.

Following the performance the artists open the performance space for a short-term exhibit which exhibits the altered wall, the video of the action, and comparative content from previous installations, which reflect cultural similarities and differences in the response to the Soft Wall.

Presentation Gallery or flex space permitting five day build-in, audio system, electric connections.

PLEASE do not share these images and videos.

Link to vimeo: Soft Wall from Shua Group.