Joshua Bisset, Artist Statement

Our bodies and the spaces we inhabit holds evidences of human experience. In the space between bodies, between bodies, buildings, objects and landscapes, lies a heated potential for change. The passing of time releases this change.

I create my performance by changing the relations of bodies to each other and to space through time. By playing with these fundament elements, I address subjects of our experience: meeting the self, recognizing the other, meeting the other, learning about the environment, forming the group, breaking apart.

My performance works take place in a subjective environment; I do not believe in a neutral body or a neutral space. I use improvisation and audience participation to acknowledge the subjective and unique character of every performance. At the same time my work recognizes the power of patterns of nature and rules of societies relating to movement and space. My works, like life of the street, form between highly formed actions and improvised responses.

I often create my art outside of theatrical contexts in public places, such as rooftops, intersections and galleries. This way, my work reaches a broad group and opens a dialogue among people in and about their space. Crossing frontiers of public and private challenges assumptions about the use of public space and the place of physical expression. I am developing work with crowds, land art and visual installations in collaborations with visual artists. This latest works reflect an expansion of my sense of performing spaces, public interactivity and political overtures.