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Full is a multidiciplinary performance-based work driven by the desire of the audience to see a hidden performance. The work integrates sculpture, installation and live performance.

The artists collect carboard boxes from local streets and stores, fill an exhibit space, and then invite viewers to a performance at the space. To see the performance the audience must empty the exhibition space, transforming it from full to empty.

Following the event, which creates an enormous pile of cardboard boxes, the artists reorganize the boxes to build a cube which is the exact size of the inside space. This sculpture mirrors the interior, and is the basis for the installation, which includes a projection of the action, a map of where the boxes were found, and a list of the consumer products contained in the boxes.

Presentation Full requires an gallery, garage or warehouse space with an ajoining parking lot or open space. Preparation is 10 days.

Presentation History Atelier Clandestine Bayonne France, June 2007
Emily Harvey Gallery New York City, February 2008
Jersey City Museum February 2008
Texas Woman's University May 2009

Link to vimeo: Fill from Shua Group.