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Fill is an interactive performance and sculptural work which follows the cardboard box from dumpster to performance object to landfill. Fill begins as artists collect boxes form local shopping centers; these boxes are used in a performance in which a crowd spontaneulsy fills or encircles a space; the work cioncluds with the deconstruction of the scultupre, and delivery of the boxes to the recycling facility or landfill.

In engaging the public to fill or surround a space with thousand of “containers” of familiar consumer objects the work reflects on the volume and saturation of contemporary consumption. The boxes’ delivery to the landfill/recycling facility, in turn, dwarfs the impressive collection as it is swallowed in a greater mass of waste and recyclables.

Fill was commissioned for Arts Triangle Residency at TWU in Denton, Texas, as a project to integrate performance, visual art and music.

Link to vimeo: Fill from Shua Group.