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Crack, We're 9 Sided

Crack, We're 9 Sided, is jagged and electric quartet that has been widely performed in United States, France and Canada. It was developed through improvisation in chaotic urban spaces. The work reflects the difficulty inherent in forming relationships, slips in understanding, and often fleeting nature of intimacy solidarity and clarity.

The video on the page is the inital performance of the work at Judson Church, New York. Present costuming is by Laura Quattrocchi.

Presentation Crack, We're 9-Sided is part of an evening of dances which includes either Orange Place or 1000 Nows.

Presentation History Judson Church (NYC, premier)
Le Temps D'Aimer La Danse (France)
Festival of Independent Dance Arts (Toronto)
Dance New Jersey (Camden, NJ)
WET Festival (New York City)