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1000 Nows

1000 Nows is an interactive performance which builds choroegraphy based on live decisions by the audience and performers. The work rides the edge between choreographed patterns, scripted interactions and uncertain intervention, leading to work that is never the same and peculiarly alive. The work rides an edge between known and unknown physical outcomes leading to a dance of clear visual forms and uncertain kinetic energies. The audience is asked to be vulnerable, to enter the space and help shape the outcome of the dance. On the edges of the stage space are several diagrams of physical pathways for the audience which include written directions. For example: "If you want to be gently lifted, raise one of your hands high above your head…"

Presentation Thousand Nows, 40 minutes, is a staged dance best suited for "in the round" theaters. It is performed in an evening with Crack, We're 9-Sided, Orange Place, or Set In Red.

Presentation History Danspace Project (New York City)
Le Temps D'Aimer La Danse (Biarritz, France)
The Construction Company (New York City, New York City)
Oskar Shindler Performing Arts Center (West Orange, NJ)