Shua Group is the creative team of choreographer/installation artist Joshua Bisset and dancer/visual artist Laura Quattrocchi.
Their interdisciplinary artworks are born in the boundaries between artist and public, theater and street, private and public, life and art.

UPCOMING EVENTS - May 11, 12 & 13

Premier of text and movement driven project created with collaborators Tzveta Kassabova (choreography), Stephan Garin (France) (composition), Billy Mark (text and movement), and Thierry Escarmant (movement)

Location: Andy 3000 Fenkell Street Detroit


"What We've Been Doing And Fantastical Things to Come"

Performance exploring labor in Shua Group's Detroit building and imagining fantastical things to come.
Explore pictures of this work by Giorgio Orlandi


Bright Pulse
performance for two Detroit houses and families

created with Billy Mark (text) and Stephan Garin (sound)


Flower Flour

performance for an abandoned flour mill
in collaboration with Tzveta Kassabova, Stephane Garin (music) and Sylvestre Gobart

July 2017
produced by NayArts


The Losers Show

Visual installation by Laura Quattrocchi with performance directed by Shua Group
Performance by Giada Citarella and Laura Quattrocchi
at ShuaSpace, Jersey City, NJ
March 2016




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